Summer is coming! Yep as soon as we turned the clocks forward it’s been the thing we’re all waiting for! We keep getting little taster days, like today the suns out its 7.45am and even I wanna get up early and get out in it ( only problem is I’m currently laying in bed with both dogs so I’m not going anywhere till one of them wakes up )

Now with all this time off I’ve given myself a long list of things I wanna achieve and I’m getting through it all whilst keeping fit by going to the gym, running, signing myself up to the Toughest race and starting bikram yoga blah blah

Now while all of that is a lot of fun ( apart from the running which I hate, I do it because Henry loves it ) I’m not on some kind of diet as I believe if you’re active enough you can eat whatever you want! Yesterday my mate said “aren’t you just wasting your time doing all this exercise if you’re not dieting?” That there people was a silly question! A non nicely! He followed up by saying aren’t all girls on diets?  What a prick was my exact words after !!! Ha ha look I exercise because I enjoy it and I like the challenge.

I think we’ve all gone a bit too far with being body obsessed we spend far too much time trying to perfect ourselves. We’re too big, we’ve got cellulite, we need a flat stomach a tiny waist a thigh gap etc… I do it all the time, look at other girls bodies and wish I had their legs or bum and most recently lips! Yep I’ve been thinking about getting lip injections as I love Kylie Jenners.

Every year we get more and more picky about how we look and how we feel about our bodies. It’s something we can get quite depressed about. When I was a size 14 I hated it and it took a while to lose the weight as I’m so food orientated!  ( that’s the way to my heart ) I’m happy now but still every now and then I look at myself and think ooooh that needs to go or yuk I need to sort that out! It’s like a never ending circle.

A trainer at my gym summed it all up perfectly for me the other day, I was asking him about his training and he said “The best I ever looked is the worst I ever felt”

That just sums it all up doesn’t it? We can have abs a flat stomach a big bum and a toned everything but that then means strict eating and hardcore training and the hardest thing of all is maintaining. Keeping your body at its optimum is actually quite hard and you have to make life changes to sustain it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change and get fit and get into that outfit you’ve always wanted! It’s just all the body shaming we see in magazines pointing out other girls and guys flaws it needs to stop. So what if she has cellulite on her bum? So what if he doesn’t have a six pack? So what if he has a bit of a muffin sticking out of his jeans And she has a bit of a belly ? If that wasn’t such a big headline would we all be so obsessed with it? If we stopped all the pressure on trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ body I think we’d start to enjoy exercising more and do it for fun! Now go eat that donut and book that box fit class! Go