Even though I’m not going on holiday for a very long time ( still feels like it was only yesterday  I had 4 months off so no way can I be going on another holiday ….. yet ) anyway I’ve just been having a proper clean out of all my make up which has taken ages because I’ve been doodling about trying to do anything but the task in hand, a job that should of taken me about an hour and a half as ended up lasting the whole night! Ha anyway I  thought I’d share with you my top three summer products that I just can’t get enough of at the moment.

Don’t you find you change your whole skin care egime depending on the weather? I love summer, not just because I can wear less ( which obviously is a bonus but mainly  I just hate wearing layers upon layers ) but I love wearing brighter bolder colours and I tend to stay clear from foundation in the day which I thinks great for your skin, it means you get less clogged up and free from spots and blemishes. Now I’ve been wearing this tinted face cream from bare minerals that is a wonder!! It’s really hydrating and just sinks into the skin. 

I quite recently just had a little wonder into Benefit ( I think it was the colours and nice smell that attracted me ) I’ve never been shopping there before, as in not stepped into one of their shops, I’ve bought their mascara and blusher but through concessions in department stores. 

I found this cute ultra plush lipgloss that’s nice and thick and the colour is actually the same as it is in the tube, I’ve found some other brands lose their colour as soon as they’re on your lips it’s like they almost go transparent…. like a magic trick! Anyway despi giving a nice thick cover your lips don’t feel sticky at all which was a bonus. You can never have enough lipgloss … or lip balm … or lipstick …. 

Now last but certainty not least is Nuxe 20SPF face and body spray. Since we’ve had some brilliant sunshine these last few weeks and I’m hearing there’s gonna be a heatwave on Wednesday ( wahoooo!!! Even though it’s been moved from 35 degrees to 26… but hey at lease it’s not raining right? ) Now I’ve been wearing this little beauty under my make up every morning just for a little protection and it works and as great moisturiser too! Also might you wanna check out this brands face hair and body oil it’s incredible I literally use it everywhere, even though it does feel weird spraying it onto my hair which acts as a sheen and serum and then using it on my face for a moisture and condition, it’s a wonder oil as it’s got loads of plant extracts and smells great too! If you suffer from very dry skin you should check this brand out they specialise in it.