Okay, it’s official the Christmas party season has definitely begun … well to be fair mine actually started in November!! Yep I’ve already been to two Christmas parties, which I still can’t get my head around, why do businesses choose to have their Christmas parties in November!?

Anyway que the super late nights and dinners consisting of canapés and crisps for the next 20 days!!
Last weekend I burnt myself out bigtime, I did my radio show then went to do my show at Q Live, then DJ’d till 2am stayed out, went back to work early the next day and went out again from my mates’ stag do in the evening and it was another 3am night out, Guys I haven’t been this active all year!

We can’t tire ourselves out before we even get to our New Year’s Eve party ( because that’s the big one right ? )

We wanna start the year with a bright, fresh outlook on life, ready to make tick off everything on that 2019 bucketlist! The only way this is gonna happen is if we treat December as a military operation…

Firstof all we have to face the facts, we’re going to party hard and there is no way of getting around that, so you need to put your mind into the realization that you are not gonna have much sleep during the whole of this month.

Getting into work early … I’m sorry it’s not going to happen, all those days you turned up early to make an impression are over!

We all need help in the Christmas party season, So I thought these simple ideas might help us all get what through what is gonna be the craziest month of the year, Here’s a few tips to help you make it till January 2nd:


You need to take two outfits to work in a bag and put them under the desk. One is your work outfit complete with fresh underwear, not because you’re hoping to get lucky, but if you don’t go home as the Christmas party is banging there’s a big possibility you end up crawling back into the office at 6am hoping to sneak in a nap before everyone else starts rolling in.
Your second outfit is a party ensemble that you can throw on after work and instantly look fabulous ready for the tequila shots and dancing on the DJs decks, Come on we’ve all done that before, been that annoying drunk person that thinks they’re Jessica Alba in Sin City or Channing Tatum in Magic Mike!


Honestly, I am the worst for this !!! I used to be a jäger bomb kinda girl, I have somehow moved on to potent shots of Patron?! I love it however, they turn me into the Tasmanian devil with the stamina of a Duracell bunny! Two combinations that should never go together because it’s 4.30am and it’s a Wednesday night!!!! If your night turns out to be a shots shots shots night … the following morning you will feel and look like you’re the walking dead … FACT! You will want to crawl under your desk at work and die, so to save yourself and your reputation at work leave the shots of Patron behind the bar!


Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how good you are in heels your about to have a lot of late nights dancing all the way up until 3am being the life of the party at every party, showing off your best moves to all of your workmates, your friends your boss and your boss’s boss! You need to be on the dancefloor like Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf On Wall Street, You do not want to be that girl cropped up at the bar shoes off, feet and bunions fully out on show! So keep the Loubtions at home and bring out the semi heels.



Let’s just face it we are all going to put on a lot of weight this month and it’s not just from the constant drinking, It’s all the canapes and cakes and pastries that are going around at all these events. I never say no to a canape it’s rude so I take three just because I’m polite like that! This month you need to Carb up ( basically because you need to soak up all the alcohol ) Don’t try and be healthy in December give in to the fact it’s your ‘Cheat Month’ Go for it, eat everything you’ve been depriving yourself all year. Plus I found out a little something for ya, I tried this recently and it really works for a hangover, a very spicy virgin bloody Mary with extra Worcestershire sauce I don’t know what it does or why it works but it did the job when I was struggling to get through the morning! Have one of those and you’re good to go!!!


Remember in December the party season is a marathon, it’s not a 100 metre Sprint as there are so many Christmas drinks you’re gonna be a part of the quicker you tire yourself out the less stamina you will have leading up until the big day on the 25th!!!
Trust me you won’t be labeled as the boring one if you don’t leave at 6am with no shoes on and your lipstick all over your face looking like joker not remembering anything in the last 24hours ( Maybe leave all of that to at least number five ) Do what I do say you’re going to the toilet and walk straight to the cloakroom and get your coat bye Felisha I’m out the door and already in my Uber home all before your next round at the bar when the Tequila has decided to make an appearance.



I’m hoping you started buying Christmas presents in the Black Friday sale or was that mainly stuff you treated yourself? Come on be honest … We all know this is the time of the month where our money disappears into the abyss of despair as we have presents to buy for others, ourselves, all the bar bills and the big New Years party is coming up too! Try to stick to the free bar bill your boss has secretly told a few responsible employees what the tab code is, bribe your mate to tell you the code and ENJOY those free drinks. This is the only time I will ever tell you to keep cash on you so you can limit what you spend at each party and under no circumstances do you bring out your credit card, leave it at home unless it’s absolutely necessary, Trust me you’ll thank me in January when payday seems an eternity away and you’re already in the red thinking how the hell can I make this £20 last two weeks?!