So it seems we’re heading towards the worse summer we’ve ever had… What? I’m just being honest and making sure we don’t all fool ourselves that it’s gonna get any better… Forget all the news about 2016 meant to be having the hottest dates on record, it’s June and it’s raining around 5 days out of 7 every single week. All instagram will do is make you wanna book that holiday as its filled with all your mates going away having the best time ever … It makes you wanna hate them because while they’re there in 32 degrees of pure sun laying on the beach with a mojito in one hand and gelato ice cream in the other while we’re getting squashed on the tube in rush hour having arguments with people who are not moving down the carriage all whilst getting soaked on the way to work as we all seem to have forgotten our umbrellas because we never thought we’d need them in JUNE!! The thing is, I do exactly the same thing, as soon as I’m on that beach or by the pool the first thing I do ( before applying sun cream ) is try to get the ‘perfect pic’ using every dam filter I can!

 I took this photo of Burj Al Arab in Dubai and it took me about 20 minutes of jumping in and out of the sun as it was 42 degrees that day, then came getting the right angle and then choosing the right filter … I was shattered by the end of it !

Anyway with that in mind here’s a few holiday essentials ( all under 100ml ) that I’ve been using this year as I’ve been going hand luggage only, which has literally changed my life!! No more queuing around the carousel of doom once you get off the plane it’s straight off straight out !! 

Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Clay once tried you won’t wanna use anything else!

Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum this just sinks straight into your skin leaving it all nice and glowy! 

Clarins Lip Oil it’s all about the sponge tip applicator ! Coat this one on your lips don’t be shy as the thicker the better!

Mac Blusher I literally have every shade going, that ones BREEZY :))