How many lies do you tell a day? Ok to be more exact I should probably ask you how many lies do you tell on social media a day?

So I was having this conversation yesterday morning at work about Instagram and it’s positive and negative effects it has and how lately It’s portraying a lie to everyone. The lie being, the perfect life, the perfect morning, the perfect day at work, the perfect break up, ‘oh hey I just got majorly dumped by the one person I was truly In Love with but now having poached eggs and sourdough breakfast in my favourite spot so everything’s ok’. ( I think I actually did this years ago and the reality is I spent most of the time crying into my cappuccino and couldn’t eat the breakfast as i chocked on the first bite as this was where we used to go together )

Why didn’t I show the real picture? Do you really want to see me balling my eyes out with mascara running down my face sitting out a restaurant all on my own blatantly about to lose the plot thinking my whole world has just come crashing down! Is that something you would click like on? Be honest?

It’s strange because my mate at work was saying all Instagram has become Is a showcase of how perfect your life is when In reality none of us are living that life.

Now I understand how my mate can see how all this is all having a negative effect on us ( come on we’ve all got someone who we look up to that always seems to have the perfect life and we wish we could have a slice of that ) however I wanna ask you the question, why is it so bad that we’re all showcasing our best life? Why can’t I filter the hell out of a picture to make it look the best and smile every time I see it on my Instagram page? Feeling proud of what I created. Personally love social media. I find it fun, addictive and interesting, I actually get a kick out of it. Yes I don’t let anyone eat their meal till I’ve got ‘the shot’ and yes I will get my mate to come around with me for a day finding the best places to capture a moment ( no matter how non spontaneous it is doing the same pose 15 times because the lighting wasn’t right )

Yes I get stressed when I pour blood sweat and tears into getting the shot, when it takes about 18 times just to get the right angle, Or like getting the hotel receptionist to come upstairs and take a picture of me and my mate Toni in the bath just because we thought it would be great content and then when the bill comes at the end of the holiday you notice he’s charged us a room service fee plus tip on top… I won’t tell you how much it was because it makes me feel like a cheap hooker …

Let me ask you this, What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

If you’re like me its grab your phone hit that snooze button and check for messages on all social media.

What do you constantly do whilst you’re at work? Check your phone right?

How about when you’re watching your favourite program on TV?

Go on Twitter and see what everyone else is saying about it and add your two pence in …

Ok, one more question, What’s the last thing you do at night?

Say goodnight on facebook? If you’re reading this and thinking yeah they’re all me, don’t panic, some might say you have an unhealthy relationship with social media, However It’s all to do with your mental state, If you’re enjoying it then don’t feel bad for doing something that brings you joy, You do you and filter those pictures, get that shot, find the right angle and tell a story with your lense. But if you’re stressing out and getting upset because you don’t look like those Instagram models and you can’t take amazing pictures like they do and everytime you see yourself you’re pulling yourself apart, you may need to take a little social media break because yes it can be a dark place if you let it be. Use Instagram as a picture diary showcasing your daily adventures, Share your ups and downs, tell us your real thoughts and issues, I’m gonna start being a lot more open and raw and see where that gets me …

Remember everyone has an opinion and not everyone will agree with you, invite conversations and I’ve said it loads of times above everything have fun, Treat your Insta as an open page, displaying your life with all it’s good and bad sides capturing unique moments ( and the blatantly the set up ones, come on man I need at least 4 takes to get the shot) Screw the haters and DO YOU, The moment it stops being fun knock it on the head as it shouldn’t be a place you hate and get anxiety over, use Instagram and social media as a whole to build your confidence.