You are going to love this…. Or cringe, throw up, cry, laugh, shriek at …. At least One of those 6 or maybe all

So you know we bought a puppy just over a week ago, a beautiful old thyme bull dog to join Henry my Staffie! They are the sweetest, currently sat in front of me looking like butter wouldn’t melt.


Now this afternoon James took the dogs out before I got back and the experience he had has left me in stitches! I’m still laughing now while writing this.

So while on the way to the park smudge couldn’t wait till she got to the field to do a number 2…. Now bare this in mind, she recently had a worming tablet so her number 2’s have been very very squishy, meaning they are disgustingly hard to clean up! 

Now she has a healthy appetite And crouched down to do 2 large mounds of wet mr whippy, which is horrendous anyway, however what made matters worse was that it’s 3.15pm yummy mummies are doing the school run two ladies are walking by as James is trying to mop up the mess as he ends up on one knee as Henry sees a cat and pulls on the lead in the other direction. Now the women pushing prams go into the road to get past and obviously stop to stare for a few seconds, they make a horrified agave at the state of the poo but end up laughing when James ( who’s 6f 3incs ) is on his knee in the middle of the pavement poo bags spilling out of his pocket looking all dishevelled trying not to get pulled over as Henry pulls the lead underneath him!!

It’s like my worse nightmare but the funniest thing ever! When he told me on the phone he had to put it down on me as its I was uncontrollable! Ha ha I can just picture it now!

This is probably gonna come back to bite me on the bum and something similar will blatantly happen to me because all I’ve done is laugh at this but come on…. Aren’t you??