How adventurous are you when it comes to fashion? Basically I’ve tried to get out of wearing all black ( which has been hard since my wardrobe is full of LBDs , black tops and leggings )

I try to make a conscious effort because I’ve become one of the ‘morning clones’  have you noticed that it seems to be everyone’s ‘go to’ colour every morning? Have a look around you next time you’re on the tube /train/ bus and you’ll see how most of us are all rocking the same colour!

Now there are loads of benefits to wearing just back literally loads …

For a start it does make it real easy when getting ready in the morning as it cuts the looking and trying to find what matches time by 99 percent!!! Why?  BECAUSE EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME! Also there are other plusses for example when you’re out you can be as messy as you like because whatever you spill down you nobody will even notice ( unless it’s a Mc chicken burger .. damn you Mc Donald’s mayo!! )

There’s also the fact that no one notices you’ve been wearing the same pair of black leggings all week because they all look the same ( even tho you can tell the difference between the wet look ones the leather ones and the cotton ones ) and I think people have now stopped making jokes that you look like you’re going to a funeral .. I mean come on how many times have you heard this?

So anyway Here’s my tip if you love wearing black try to add just a splash of colour like a red jacket or go for orange I actually think if you wear bright colours it brightens up your mood .. ( and sometimes other peoples too ) It could be a blatant placebo but I think it works ( the red fluffy jacket  I’m wearing in the pictures above is from a vintage boutique in shoreditch so the black zipped skirt )

The converse I’m wearing are my favourite things at the moment and are going with everything ( even if they don’t match the outfit I really don’t care because they’re sooo comfy ) Got them from Office