This happened to me today…
I feel as if we’re getting to know each other now so I can tell you all the funny stories and the bad ones that seem to run by my life on a daily basis, this one is quite possibly one of the worst yet funniest situations to happen in a long time.It’s all down to the jumpsuit/playsuit. I love them and have quite a few, BUT they are the fashion worlds worse invention when It comes to going to the loo. Don’t even think about wearing them at festivals or when camping because they are hell to deal with in portaloos! I’ve made that mistake a few times never again!

They look great on, however when you’re busting to go, you end up having to get full on naked ( especially when you’re not wearing a bra ) and the zips are almost always hard to undo as they go right down your back. Anyway wanna hear my dilema …? Well It wasn’t a dilema more of what could have been a really really embarassing situation.
So Today I’m wearing a denim playsuit and for the last 20 minutes of my show I was busting to go, so when I left I went to the toilet ( It’s one of those ones where the door is far away from the actual toilet, you’ll understand why this is imortant to the story in a minute ) anyway i’m going through the momentum of trying to dislocate my right shoulder to get the zip down on my back by jumping and trying to wriggle out of it, once I managed to tear it off I’m ready to go and as I don’t like sitting on toilet seats I’m basically hovering there in the squat position ( great for the legs and bum by the way ) I’m practically naked and mid flow and the worst thing happens, someone tries to open the door to come in!!!! WHAT??? Did I forget to lock the door ???!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Noooooooooooo!

I would like to state right now that I screamed BIG TIME as if I was in a horror film and the texas chainsaw man was coming at me … I was that loud, so whoever It was on the otherside must of thought what the hell is going on in there! My heart was pounding as I could t even reach the door to slam it shut plus did I mention I’m basically NAKED!?!?

To be fair they couldn’t of seen anything as the door only opened inches as my screaming scared them, all I heard was a sorry sorry and then the door shut, that was that. I don’t even think I finised my wee as I just had to get outta there I was panicking as the door still wasn’t locked and I couldn’t reach it to lock it… was a second person round the corner? also what if that original person was outside waiting? ha ha ha It was awful, I would have died of embarassement If they came In! I’m sooo lucky they didn’t. I have no idea who that was and they have no idea It was me in there! Unless they’re reading this right now…..

The moral of this story is I’m not wearing playsuits ever again, it’s not happening… Plus from now you can call me miss OCD I don’t care as I’m checking the toilet door once…. twice… and maybe a third time just to be sure it’s locked shut!!