Right, it happens to us all you know those ones where you wake up and instantly you know you’re in a bad mood … Well that hasn’t happened to me as I was really happy when I woke up at 7am on a Saturday!!!! It all started when I went to leave the house to go to a fashion show in Covent Garden, I got really dressed up felt good and it started to rain :/ that stupid dribble of rain that instantly turns your hair into a mop of unused drain water!

I spent 30 minutes getting my side show bob fro into the perfect frizz fest only for it to be destroyed in two minutes walking to the tube!
Now when we arrived at Freemasons Hall the queue was enormous and they were running really late ! 25 minutes later ( yes I waited that long in the rain….. I can’t believe it either trust me ) outfit ruined hair gone to crap make up smudged and I didn’t print out my ticket !!! Ahhhhhhh come on what else can go wrong …? You really wanna know ? Really?

 Well I had front row tickets but because I didn’t print them out I nearly didn’t get in at all, I had an interrogation at the top of the stairs where I was stuttering all over the place because I was confusing myself with the questions she was asking me!?! Just a simple yes or no would of done!

Now finally I got let in and it was like a cattle market, loads of people milling around not knowing where to go and I was like a lemming going left right forward backward !?! It was rammed in there and they over packed it so we were all squashed in and couldn’t see anything … And did I mention I looked like a drowned rat ?
I’m outta there ! I lasted 5 minutes and took one picture ! Am currently sitting in Pho getting all my frustration and anger out on here…
And breathe ….. Ahhhhhh London Fashion Week in the rain just isn’t the one….

Oh and by the way I’ve been trying to send this for about 5 hours!!!! I’m home now STILL trying to send … It just keeps saying ‘uploading’ so not even this is working for me today ! Ahhhhhh and it’s not even my time of the month so I can’t blame that either!