You know sometimes when you look your dog and you start speaking to them and they tilt their head to the side as if they can actually understand what your thinking…is that just an instant reaction or do they totally get it? 

 The thing is my two dogs are very different, One is a very intelligent  and the other  is definitely the definition of a dumb dog ha ha 

 Here’s a few thoughts I’m guessing that’s gone through their heads at some point ….
Henry’s Thoughts

– What’s that sound? Did that just come from my butt? What was that? Errrrrrrrrr yuk who did that stink? I’m leaving the room… you humans disgust me

– What’s that thing in your pants that smells so good? Why are you hiding it from me?

– Why the hell does my mum speak to me in that stupid high pitched baby voice when speaking to me?? I’m a grown man for Christ sake ! I’m older than her!

– Why doesn’t mum listen to me when I’m barking, telling her that those dam foxes are back crapping in the garden?!?! And she has the cheek to go nuts when I roll around in it!

– If I just scrunch up this pillow put it in the right spot …..

– SQUIRREL!!!!!!

– What the hell is that noisy thing my mum keeps moving around on the floor? Why is it so loud!?! I need to destroy it, I need to stop it… why does it keep coming back when I’ve attacked it millions of times?
Smudge’s Thoughts 

– Did I just eat or am I still hungry ? No I’m definitely hungry … why am I not eating? Is someone feeding me? Ummm do I smell poo over there? 

– Is it normal for my brother to keep making me give him a piggy back? 

– Why does mummy put all of these fun new things on the floor for me to wee on but then shout at me when I do it? Somehow this doesn’t seem fair?!

– Am I barking because my brother barked at me first? Or is he barking because I barked at him? When knows ? I’m still barking tho… why am I barking?!
– If I eat my own poo does it just come out the same way? … ummmm tastes soooo good!

– I can’t be arsed to get up but I want to, do I have to? What was I thinking again? Did I just hear the treats getting opened again?

– Why are we all staring at that thing on the wall? Oooooh flashing lights this is cool