You know what every year I say ” I’m going to CRUFTS” but still I can’t believe it, I haven’t been.I can imagine me running around with all of the dogs getting properly involved joining in on all fours, having Henry go up and down the agility assault course, he would love that.

I’ve kind of got one for him in our garden at the moment, it’s mainly tyres ( because James is training for a strongman competition ) Henry loves jumping over and through them getting mud all over the place all whilst getting a treat of course!

 Now there’s loads of controversy around CRUFTS, it really is a split opinion, on one hand it’s an amazing dog show showing off the different breeds talents and the other side holds a much darker secret … the constant inbreeding to get ‘the perfect’ pedigree are causing certain dogs a lot of pain making them prone to disability and a whole load of incurable genetic diseases. Pugs and bull dogs have terrible breathing problems and are so difficult to operate on if they do have problems and the King Charles Spaniel has been inbreed so much that sometimes their skull is too small for their brain! You think this is fair?

Now remember this has only been done for OUR benefit, because we think they look pretty, have really cute squashed in faces, they’re small enough to fit in our handbags, have amazingly long droopy ears or have the perfect long athletic build. We have made them that way not nature.

Luckily now cross breeds are becoming much more sought after so the demand for a pedigree has slowed ( a little bit ) the demand for the cockapoo ( cross between a cocker spaniel and the Poodle ) has become the fastest new popular breed!

Now I was thinking we should have a different awards show one where everyone can get involved … Mongrels Crossbreeds, pedigrees the lot! This would take the pressure off of the pedigrees and make shows more fun and less ‘you have to be perfect, no room for error’ like they’re competing for a crown in some beauty pageant!

Battersea Dogs Home every year holds a Muddy Dog Challenge which is brilliant and for all types of dogs! If you’re interested check out all the info here:

Now I have a Staffie cross and an old thyme bulldog cross and my first ever dog was a cairn terrier from a pet a shop, so I’m not perfect I didn’t know then what I know now and I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a pedigree, just be aware of the health issues that can plague them and you know what ? I’m thinking we should quit all this intense inbreeding and let dogs be dogs … They’re all beautiful!