I’ve been meaning to post this blog for a while now but since getting back from holiday I honestly think my brain has been in the clouds ha ha I go to auditions quite a lot and have noticed how nervous and stressed out I can be because I want to do the best and leave a lasting impression.
The last audition I had for a TV show, didn’t go quite as planned … Our chat at the beginning was amazing, we got on really well and was laughing non stop, then came the time for me to get on camera and I was asked to make up a scenario with an intro and outro cutting to an online sell, As soon as the camera got switched on and the guy said ok, go ….. my mind instantly went blank and believe me when I say I just stood there for a couple seconds, eyes wide open with a blank expression on my face thinking I can’t remember what you just asked me to do… There will be footage of that, that better not get out haha I was so embarrassed.

So remember these tips are not just for you I’m using these to help me get better and be more relaxed so I don’t look like a deer in headlights.


There is definitely a skill to nailing every audition you go to and I haven’t quite cracked it yet obviously, but here are a few things that might help you on your way to the top.

CONFIDENCE – It sounds really simple to say but honestly this takes practice. Your walk into the room is so important, even if you are bricking it, act as if you have been doing this all your life and you’re about to smash it! You don’t get any sympathy points if you’re nervous or just having a bad day and can’t pull it together. Whatever negativity you have, leave it outside the door put a smile on your face and think this is the most important 20 minutes of my life let’s make every second count … just go for it.


This might sound a little bit obvious but I have gone to auditions before not reading my emails properly and thinking I’m going for certain part when actually I’m up for something completely different and it will throw you off.
It also makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing so check, double check and then triple check what it is you are exactly auditioning for, If you have questions ask your agent beforehand so there’s no doubt in your mind!
There is one reason why you will shine above everyone else… And that is because quite simply there is no one out there like you with your personality, So make sure that the client sees you as that will be a lasting impression that will knock others out the park.
I’m not going to sit here and say to you that getting rejection is easy or that you should not take it personally because if you’ve had three callbacks and all your feedback has been really positive saying that everyone loves you and it’s just between you and one other person and after a few days of you being all anxious waiting for an answer, they pick the other person… how can you not take that personally? You will, but it’s dealing with rejection that’s the key to success, You need to know your own worth and that you’re gonna make it to the top because you have no other choice. Sometimes you do have to accept that you are just not right for the part and this isn’t a reflection on your ability or your talent. Just know that next time that part is gonna be yours!

If you know exactly what character and what part you are going for, dress for the part, like what would the character wear?

Or if you’re going up for a presenting job on a fun dating show don’t go dressed up as an accountant in a suit, go as if you could walk onto set and start filming right there and then. The moment you walk through that door you want the client to see you as camera ready.