Right, about 4 weeks ago my mates Mike and Alex said they never go on holiday with a suitcase anymore! Say whattttt? I was horrified, confused and yet jealous all at the same time !

They go away for two weeks and only take hand luggage ? Really?  I couldn’t understand it? How do you squeeze everything in there? Where do you put your toiletries? Sandals? Beach stuff? Going out stuff? Hair stuff? Ahhhh The list goes on…

 So I recently went to Marbella and I know I only went for 5 days but I managed to get everything in there and used those cute little travel bottles from superdrug to put my shampoo and conditioner in.

Now we had a problem with our hand luggage on the way out as Easy Jet said there was too many on board so we had to check it in :/ arggggggg the whole point was that we land and we walk out nicely no waiting around !

Anyway on the way back from Malaga we had the the right experience as in we didn’t check anything in and walked out after we landed at gatwick! All done in record breaking time… It felt wrong but soooooo right! I am now an official hand luggage only member. It’s soooooo nice not waiting around the carousel of doom! So many times I’ve been waiting for my suitcase and it’s like the last to come out ! Ha ha

Anyway here’s some of my ‘travel light’ products and remember don’t go over board and take too many with you as you’ve got to fit all your 100ml bits and bobs into that plastic bag at the airport… I found out the hard way trying to cram everything in and ended up splitting the bag :/

Bareminerals  complexion rescue is a little gem!! I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, it’s light gives a nice little polish to the skin and has an SPF of 30! And the pink lipgloss is so creamy, perfect little beach must have!

The lush mint lip scrub is incredible for keeping lips smooth and crack free, plus it smells and tastes AMAZING.

Now if you want a plumped up pout check out Soap & Glory XL lip plumper! It tingles … A lot and gives you a little taste of the fuller pout MUAH