Ok, so you know I bought my first car, a little mario go cart in the name of a Fiat 500. I love her ( she’s definitely a her ) I’ve overcome my fear of roundabouts BIG and small, I’ve overcome the dreaded right turn onto a busy road and have to edge myself out, I’ve overcome trying to parallel park in front of people ( even if it has taken me about 15 minutes ) however there’s two things that won’t stop punching me in the face, the dreaded HILL STARTS & CLUTCH CONTROL they’re killing me!

I’ve had my friends Mike and Alex come be my passengers and help me on one of the steepest hills in Wimbledon ( mike even got in the drivers seat to perfectly execute one…. he rolled first time mind you but still nailed it with the last one ) I’ve gone for a few Night time drives when it’s quiet just to get me used to it and yet STILL I can’t stop rolling back or rev-ing like a mad man. 

Take tonight for instance, I drive to the gym and take the long route so I can get some practice in and then I go and brick it at the first hurdle …. I park on the hill made sure no cars were parked near me, put the hand break on into neutral then foot down on clutch into first tried to find the bite hand break down ….. and back we go into a massive rev-ing sound VROOOOOOOM which freaks me out and then STALL …. ugh! I knew it, I just knew it was gonna happen, did I stay till I nailed it? Hell no I got outta there and went straight home sulking like a 5 year old! It’s like I’ve built up a fear now and my hands get all sweaty. Why can’t I be a thinker? Like normal people? MY brain doesn’t want to kick in when I need it, it just stares back at me blankly and says “I don’t know? You work it out!” Do you think people are just born really intelligent or can we all make ourselves be?  I know what I’m supposed to do so why don’t I just do it? Christ knows what’s gonna happen when I go sky diving next week jumping on my own ! If I can get clutch control right how can I land safely with good canopy control? I’m screwed!

Anyway THATS enough of me ranting at you, but I’ll keep you updated on my car travels as I don’t wanna go through all this trauma on my own and to be honest they’re never gonna be straight forward are they? … don’t think they ever will be either ! I’ll let you know when I’m on the road though so you can get yourselves off the road for safety :)))