Right, what is your take on this Protein World Ad? They were slammed last year for their  ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’ advert and it seems it’s all kicked off again.

They’re using Khloe Kardashian for the face of their campaign which I think is a brilliant idea as she has a real womanly figure and ( In my opinion, a gorgeous shape one that I would aim for ) So why has it all gone crazy?

People have gone to town saying that once again the heavy photoshop is giving us all a completely unrealistic view of the bodies we can achieve. Khloe has worked damn hard to get her body in shape ( Yes I watch the Kardashians all the time ) So why not use the real photo, curves and all?

The campaign is a 30 day challenge, fitness and nutrition plan which aims to help you tone up and ‘feel more comfortable’ in  your own skin, however people have kicked off by saying “how much money do I need to spend @proteinworld to look like a walking talking breathing photoshop copy of myself?’ and things like “why spend 30 days on @proteinworld when you can spend 10 minutes on photoshop will do the same thing?’ ( twitter is frigging hilarious )

So what do you think? Is everyone just moaning for the sake of moaning? Would you rather see a range of different models from size 8 – 16? Or do you wanna start seeing un-photoshopped models with realistic bodies?

At the end of the day supplements are just the icing on the cake, sort out your eating and training to get the body you want rather than waste money on advertised hype.

Question, would you be interested in buying a product that’s advertised using a real girl, without all the photoshop, the excessive touch ups and makeup, just a real life person. Would looking at the ad in this way change your mind? Would it make you believe the product more or would you walk on by without a second glance as a real life body figure isn’t as appealing?