By now you must have noticed that Urban Decay are blatantly one of my favourites when it comes to eye palettes and lip glosses. I walk past their store every day I go to Kiss and pretty much go in there to window shop every time, It’s actually ridiculous.

So the announcement was made on their instagram 2 days ago, why didn’t I know about this?? Especially since I’m in their stores all the damn time?! It starts with Rehab Makeup Prep – the new line of products that scrub, cleanse, revitalize and hydrate. These are meant to help prepare your skin before we add the makeup, they have hydrating gels, peels, skin polishes, bubble masks and lip love! Sounds great right?

So next we have the have Meltdown Makeup removers ( which I can’t wait to try because I’ve found that loads don’t actually work and instead leave me a face full of makeup the following morning which I still can’t get off with soap!! It’s eyeliners  and waterproof mascara that are the worse, It’s like whatever’s in them glue themselves to your skin ) So Urban Decay have made their own cleansing oil sticks, lip oils and a dissolving makeup spray to solve our little makeup remover problems!

They say that these can take off the most stubborn of makeup … we shall see right …? When you say? When will these be coming out? I actually don’t know yet, I know I know I’m Sorry guys but you’ll have to watch this space, as soon as I know, I’ll let you in on the action!