So with it being Valentine’s Day restaurants, florists, chocolatiers, moon pig, funky pigeon, any lingerie shop and dominos are set to make millions, like literally millions!
I’m no bah humbug quite the opposite actually, I love the whole flowers, chocolates, presents, more chocolates and more presents thing. I love Valentines Day, I’m a hopeless romantic without actually knowing how to be romantic myself.
So anyway when I heard there’s gonna be millions of us today getting proposed to today and one lucky person will be doing it with a dominos ring I was like what? Huh? What’s going on? What have I missed ?
First let’s get the facts, takeaways are becoming more and more popular on Valentine’s Day because:
 1 We can’t be arsed to go out anymore, sitting on the sofa cuddled up is far more appealing.
2 Because it’s embarrassing looking at everyone kissing over their spaghetti while you’re awkwardly sitting there trying thinking you need to out do the couple next to you to show your more in love.
3 Because we’re cheap, why pay double the price for something when you know you can get it for half that amount tomorrow.
4 We’re running out of ideas to be different on valentines day.
Apparently, there’s gonna be 24 pizzas ordered every second from 6pm tonight and a whooping total of 4.2 million pizzas eaten throughout the whole of Valentine’s Day! That’s a lot of pepperoni slices!!!
So anyway to celebrate this day of love dominos have created a 22k gold pizza ring ( yes this is a thing ) and it’s being given away to one lucky pizza living couple who applies for it on the dominos Facebook page !! Great idea but the question is what would you say if your partner got down on one knee and proposed with that ring?? I’d be way more interested if they proposed over the pepperoni and pineapple slice with the stench of already eaten garlic bread breath … Ummmmm Yummmy I mean YES!
I love the fact that people choose this day to propose it makes it the ultimate day of love and happiness, one to be remembered forever, however those who chose to end the relationship on or near this day … there’s a special place in hell for you!
Now I suppose you could say if that has happened at least every other valentines day would be better than the one you’re going through? Every cloud has a silver lining and all of that?
So however you’re spending today I hope it’s filled with loads of love, cuddles and affection the human kind or doggie kind, either is acceptable.  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY go eat pizza and be merry!