Right guys, we need to talk! With Easter coming up we’ve got the long bank holiday to think of plus the fact this is the only time ( well apart from Christmas ) that it’s deemed acceptable to shove as much chocolate down your throat as possible and no one can say jack to you because it’s Easter right? That’s what we’re meant to do.
Now I only came across this yesterday ( by following @thedinertweets I’m obsessed with all the pictures of this choco monster ) and have literally gone into a trance staring at this picture sending me straight to choco heaven …. just look at that whole Easter egg / Milkshake combo and guess what guys? It’s real!! You’ll only be able to get this in store tomorrow on Good Friday!!!
Does it look too much? You thinking you might be sick just halfway through?? Pull yourself together man and stop being a wimp and get stuck right in!!!
The milkshake is a New York cheesecake with the addition of enough whipped cream to fill a cows 7 stomachs there are truck loads of Oreos and marsh mellows on top as well!
Now you have to be quick tomorrow as there are only gonna be five of these available at each of the Diners in London ( you have 9 restaurants to choose from so you should be fine ) Check the link HERE to see which is closest to you. Get your £15 ready and get involved this is the ultimate Easter Egg shake you will ever devour … I plan to, so watch my insta and snapchat tomorow to see how far I get before I have sugar overload and throw up over my feet!