Right guys I’ve fallen off the waggon, good and proper! The last time I went to the gym I worked out for about 15 minutes then spent the whole time on snap chat just mucking about, which was great because I was having a whale of a time but seeing that I’ve gone back to downing two packets of crisps a day on the sly before I get home because in my head that doesn’t count and craving crumpets drenched in butter and cheese it isn’t really helping me tone the hell up. I blame the weather … The sun makes us want to get that “summer body” right? Well seeing that we’ve just had rain all the dam time my evenings have consisted of snacking and love island ( I know I know but I’ve got addicted to it )
I start my new show on KISS in just a few days now and I cant wait!! Everyone has been amazing and so welcoming in me joining the KISS family, I feel as if I’ve been waiting for this for ages !!! Of course I’ve been well nervous too, I’ve recently woken up in the middle of the night sweating from my worse nightmare of taking us off air, breaking my finger as I put the mic up, a fuse going in the studio and everything turning off plus the weirdest thing I’ve ever dreamt was that all the controls on the desk kept moving so as I was trying to do something the fader would change and I could hear it laughing at me … The fader was full on laughing at me…. I couldn’t understand a thing that was going on so in a right panic I fainted! A complete black out hitting my dead on the desk which instantly KO’d me Ha ha ha this is gonna be fun isn’t it.. What the hell is gonna happen on the 4th July ?!?? Join me on Monday ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! 

Now I also wanted to give you a little catch up on all things I’ve been doing on my time off and see if I actually did any of the things I wrote on my bucket list at the beginning of March.. 

Get my motorcycle licence : FAIL

Go ghost hunting : FAIL
Re learn how to drive: COMPLETED
Camp on the beach: FAIL
Be able to do the scorpion: FAIL
Travel round Thailand: FAIL
Get smudge fully house trained so no toilet in the house: COMPLETED
Fly first class somewhere: COMPLETED
Become a pet behaviour expert: FAIL
Get first live DJ gig: COMPLETED
Go glamping at a festival: FAIL
Do a sky dive: COMPLETED 
Finish writing my two sci-fi books: FAIL
Go Kayaking: FAIL

Speak fluent Spanish: FAIL

Annoy James as much as I can: COMPLETED 

Ermmmmm ok, what the hell have I been up to these last few months? I’ve hardly done any of the things I set out to do? Seriously ? Where the hell have I been? I’ve know I’ve rinised the holiday front but 4 months … I should of ticked everything off ! Looks like they’re gonna have to be an on going thing now as I’ve been living it up way too much and I’m  gonna add getting my AFF sky diving licence to the list… Anything is possible right? Watch this space…