We’ve all been saying that 2019 is going to be the year we completely change our lives, We’re going to look at things differently, change our jobs, get that body with been working on for the last five years and yes we will be super loaded.

I’m all about positivity and I do think we can achieve all of those things, but unfortunately one of the main things we are worrying about right now is what the hell is going on with Brexit?! most of you know by now that I’m not great in politics I didn’t study it and I do actually find it quite hard to comprehend everything that is going on. All I know is that back in 2016 there was a referendum which we voted in to either leave or remain in the European Union. No, I can’t speak in facts because quite honestly I don’t understand a lot of it myself but I do believe the people who voted leave, were sold on a lot false promises which are now biting a lot of people in the butt ( that’s a saying right? )

As soon as the Brexit result was announced, I think that it has got more and more confusing each day, I haven’t been this confused since season 6 of lost which I had no idea what was going on, even tho I was on google all the way through each episodes trying to get a detailed spoiler explanation. I wasted about six weeks of my life watching the whole series from start to finish and I still can’t tell you what happened at the end, Oh, actually I think it was all a dream wasn’t it?

Anyway, how can we learn from this absolute disaster? Right now we’re currently witnessing the ridiculous lies and promises that were made to us on both sides of the vote and all this is getting us to be in constant worry about our future.

For months now there hasn’t been a morning where I’ve not seen an article on how screwed we are and that we’re all doomed beyond belief. This is NOT how we want to to be jumping into 2019 right? so, I’ve decided let’s take these lessons and adapt. Now I know it might sound quite simple but it’s so easy to talk rubbish and do what MPs do by making promises they can’t keep. Let’s leave all that in 2018 and keep true to what we can actually deliver as individuals.

Don’t set yourself ridiculous tasks that you know are to going stress you out constantly, Yes there’s always a way to get your dream a reality but, I always find making small achievements constantly, keeps me focused and always reaching for the top!

Make time for yourself, have an evening where you’re not seeing anyone, not off to a meeting or audition, take that time to get sucked into a Netflix original series

Pamper yourself, go to the spa, enjoy the steam room after a mini work out, let’s face it we’re all working our asses off and work can get stressful, just look at Theresa May she looks like she needs a long weekend at Champneys!

– Don’t diet, forget that, name me one diet someone who has actually stuck to all their life? We’ve all tried them,lost a bit of weight then after 6 weeks we’re back to what we enjoy! I find it easier to remember this sentance ‘you are what you eat’ the fuel you put into your body is key to how you want to fell on a daily basis

So with us trying to be all sparkly, positive and new for 2019 yes it’s hard with the dreaded Brexit uncertainty looming over our heads, Every morning we’re slapped in the face with the headlines ‘It’s A Constitutional Crisis’ ‘Brextinct’ ‘No Hope No Clue No Deal No Confidence’ ‘We’re All Doomed’ ‘We’re Heading For A Catastrophe’ I could go on … However, we’re a few months away from finding out what really Is our fate after the Brexit vote so let’s try and keep ourselves happy in fact I’m gonna help you with that, want something for free? tomorrow you can get a free coffee ( whatever you prefer cappuccino, latte, macchiato ) and yes it’s totally free Over Under Coffee