So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and had the most crazy dream the other day that I wanna set another bucket list ( the last one was done on my four month off gardening leave ) I woke up sweating at 4.30am on Thursday because I was tumbling down a volcano, like literally falling over my own feet because I was panicking as the people behind me were shouting larva larva faster faster. I had visions of this volcano just swallowing me up like it was one of the dragons In game of thrones ( No I haven’t taken LSD recently and no I didn’t touch the magic mushrooms In Amsterdam ) anyway and all I could do was keep falling forward, I couldn’t even stop myself as it was too steep … funnily enough this brought back memories of Mount Toubkal …

Setting yourself goals Is important lets face It, we can all just slug on doing the same things we always do, go to work go home go out go to bed wake up do the same, bit like ground hog day, So to stick a spanner In the works it’s good to write a bucket list.

So let’s talk ideas, It doesn’t matter whether they’re career based/adventure/relationship/life goals, or things that you just think would be a laugh to do, give yourself till the end of the year to tick all off your list ( that’s what I’m doing )

You gotta write this stuff down and keep it handy so you can have a look every now and then to see how far you’re away from completing and what you need to do to get the next one ticked off.

Ok so here’s my Bucket List 11 for 2017

1 Climb A Volcano ( and actually make It to the top )

2 Voice An Animation ( In a cartoon series )

3 Travel Around Thailand ( been talking abut this for years )

4 Overcome My Fear Of Being Underwater And Go Scuba Diving   ( The thought of seeing what’s underneath me in the sea petrifies me but hey ho )

5 Get my AFF license In Sky Diving ( Tried last year but only made it to level 2 )

6 DJ At A Festival ( I wanna DJ outdoors to thousands of people .. and try not to muck it up )

7 Finish My Book ( and get it published )

8 Design And Release My Own Sunglasses ( been thinking about this for a while now )

9 Voice A Tv Documentary ( I’ve always wanted to do this )

10 Go On A Road Trip ( Never been on a road trip so wanna go on a mammoth one! Pack the car up with enough food and drink to sink a ship and just go go go … p.s bagsy the back seat I’m not planning on driving )

11 Get A Tattoo ( My sister got one after I made her do a sky dive and I’ve been thinking about it but don’t want it to hurt so have wimped out loads )