So most of my mates take the mick out of me for wearing factor 50 when I’m on holiday ( little do they know I actually wear factor 50 oil at home too ha ha )

Even tho I’m always under the umbrella on the beach or walking around with a towel on my head, I’m not scared of the sun! It’s just that I have moles or beauty spots ( that’s what I like to call them ) and after thinking one was a spot when I was 15 and tried squeezing it like mad which obviously make it go red and nasty, I then went to the doctor ( which was embarrassing anyway since it’s on my bum )  he told me it was a mole and that I’d aggravated it, everything was alright! PHEW!!

So since then I’ve always been aware of keeping my skin protected and blocked from all those UVA and UVBs because I don’t want any of my moles turning malignant.

 I use pretty much every Garnier product going! Why? Because I love them and I’ve never been burnt using them, Plus that Hawaiian lipgloss is amazing by the way.

I’m currently in Dubai it’s 42 degrees and on the beach you can see people going red  , not that peachy red, not that brownish red, I’m talking about full on roses are red… Red! Most people think that you won’t tan if you’ve got factor 30 or 50 on, trust me you will, it just means you can spend longer in the sun without looking like mac’s lady danger lipstick! Anyway rant over … Don’t let this be you