Oh my dayyyyyyyyyyyys! Guess what? KISSTORY fans you’re gonna love this, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff have announced their reunion gig! Yes, finally it’s happening right here in the UK!

Sunday 27th August on stage at LIVEWIRE FESTIVAL in Blackpool at Headlands Arena tickets go on sale TOMORROW (25th April) If you love your old school, you’ll be in your element! The Jacksons are there, Sam Fox, Sinitta, Will and Jazzy Jeff are headlining on Sunday. I just can’t wait to dance around to ‘boom shake the room’ and ‘summertime’ This will probably be the highlight of my year! I better get my rap ready for the fresh prince of Bel Air theme tune too…how does it start again? Now this is a story how my life got flip turned upside down … yeah that’s it!

So not only could your August bank holiday be an incredible one, I’ve also heard that they could be making a surprise appearance ( well if I know this it’s probably not a surprise anymore) at Glastonbury! They were asked last year but couldn’t make it however it seems this year there’s an opening, so it could be the year they jump on stage! You know what I’ve always wanted to go Glastonbury but have never actually made an effort to get tickets or get the time off, I did look ( glance ) at tickets about month ago to see how much people were selling tickets and as soon as I saw £350 I clicked the little cross button on the side of the screen that said close … bye …  and I shut down the computer, I’ll keep my £350 thanks. Maybe next year