I’ve realised there are three types of people in this world there are the doers which are generally the thinkers, you have the dreamers who have high expectations and then you have the followers who rely on everyone else to get by …. two days ago I fell into the followers category.So as you know I did my 10 refresher lessons before I got a car to get my confidence back on the road again, i’m still no Formula One driver but I am getting better, I actually enjoy roundabouts now, even tho I still get confused about which lanes to get into the fun part is going oh screw it I’ll just go round again to get my bearings … the most laps I’ve ever done is 3 because I simply couldn’t figure out where I was going BUT no panicking, if I can’t move over into the left lane because everyone is being a prick then I just carry on going around… this can be quite fun. 

Hill starts I have come to terms with, I still have a moment to myself but generally they’re not too bad now and once again I don’t have a panic attack and stress out, actually enjoy getting it right and not rolling! However With all this positivity there’s gotta be a bit of a downside somewhere right? Of course there is !! Basically I still get confused returning right into a busy road at a major junction, especially when there is a yellow box about… 

So I know the yellow box means no waiting whatsoever I get that but when you wanna turn right and you have a green light but so do oncoming traffic from in front of you there isn’t anything you can do but go forward and hope someone let’s you In right? WRONG I shouldn’t of copied the car in front of me as we both stayed in that yellow box like idiots and no one let us in so I’m looking forward to getting a nice ticket in a few days CHEERS fella in the silver Corsa you made my day! Yes I’m blaming him because he was leading by example ( it’s blatantly my fault because why was I copying a complete stranger? The weirdest thing was I just did it by default … he moved so it must be right I’ll follow, like a right sheep! I’d obviously be the perfect subject for Derren Brown! )

Now to make matters worse last night when going to the gym I drove into the same junction this time when the green light came up I could see there were quite a few on coming cars so didn’t move forward which then annoyed the people behind me as they beeped me to move ! When you know you’re in the right but then someone comes along and makes you doubt yourself Arrrrrrrg!!! Idiots! I’ve already got one ticket coming mate I don’t need two thanks very much! 

Apart from all of that, I’m actually enjoying it especially with the dogs in the back… we’ll talk about parallel parking another time because that’s a completely different ball game I’ve been trying to master!