So you know I like to keep fit ( inbetween eating crisps and having the odd crunchie here and there … Oh and chips but apart from that… ) I have a very short attention span, like If you told me to go running on a treadmil for half an hour, I can tell you now I will get bored and probably start walking whilst watching Jeremy Kyle on the screen tweeting a load of old nonsense and having a chat to the person next to me. I sound like a nightmare which I’m not I promise, but give me army drills anytime, put me in a boot camp and given no choice to give up just do it kinda stylee is right up my street!

Now I’ve heard of KOBOX and have always wanted to give it a go, especially seeing that theres a waiting list 15 people deep on some of the sessions!!! Come on that must mean they’re doing something good right?

Located in the heart of Chelsea on Kings Road, it’s got a big training room, a boxing ring and a sweet little chill out area.

Now I keep seeing it everywhere, It’s been mentioned In literally every female magazine and I keep seeing other fitness bloggers raving about it soooooo guess I need to give It a go right?

They have this big dark room filled with aqua bags ( which replicate hitting bodies rather than the usual hard boxing bags ) They’ve got TRX attached to the wall and loads of plated weights.Now I’ve been told that every trainer has a different style, they chose their own music, chose their own exercises and your experience will be completely different depending on who you go with.I chose Jay ( heard he’s the one that goes on millitant and takes no crap.. which is right up my street ) The garage music was blaring out loud with the lights down low and Jay was not mucking around, shouting out the punches, getting us to frigging sweat out a weeks Chubb and you know what at one point I swear he started MC-ing! It was brilliant! I was in a rave at 4.30 in the afternoon! Get in! My favourite bit was when the room turns into beastmode, the red light comes on and you literally go nuts for like 60 seconds taking out every last bit of stress, anger and just all round crap on the punch bags! It’s amazing and knackers you out big time, so when you do another round in beastmode you’re screwed! Ha ha 

So tomorrow’s Monday , we all hate Mondays ( whether you’re working or not it’s still a dull old Monday which will probably be a full day of rain too just to make it worse ) get your butt down to KOBOX for a session and let me know what you think!