I was just thinking it’s been a while since I’ve given you a doggie update and as I’m writing this I’ve got Henry between my legs and Smudge resting her head on my chest… We’re all in the bed! Having a nicely!

Now you know when we first got Smudge the rules were no getting on the sofa, no going upstairs ( because she would wee on the carpet first chance she got, she’s amazing now and doesn’t toilet in the house at all woohoo ) and it was definitely no going on the bed.

Cut to 5 weeks later and I can tell you man vs dog … The dog won! Hands down! Everyone kept telling me Bulldogs are really stubborn you have to be really firm with them blah blah and I was always yeah I’ve had dogs all my life I get it chill out… But noooooo I didn’t get it because with Henry you tell him off the sofa and he jumps off straight away, with Smudge she just sits there and looks at you as if to say “go on I dare you to try get me off the sofa, come try it” ha ha I find it hilarious, her face just says it all, she does eventually get down, only to sneak back up there again with that face on!

The best picture I have of her with a mood on is this one… She’s already been fed and had tried to eat Henrys too so I was having a full on conversation with her in the kitchen saying you’re not getting any more as you’re getting a jelly belly … She wasn’t impressed  … Probably because I was histerically laughing in her face ! Just look at her expression though….

Now you could argue that I’m being a big push over by setting rules and then letting these two break them BUT if you know me you’ll know me I never wanted this, I’ve always wanted dogs on the sofa for a cuddle and dogs on the bed for some morning loving it was James who set the rules … so in a way, was it the dogs who won or was it me ??? I’ll go with the latter because it feels good to beat a 6ft 3 built like a brick house heavyweight gladiator!